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Supercar Rental

Experience Vegas in Style! With a wide range of supercars to choose from, next time you pay a visit to the city of sin you can cruise in ultimate style with one of our luxury loaners. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or Porsche and more, if you have visions of luxury in Vegas, we’ll give you the wheels to turn it into a memorable reality!
Whether you cruise the area or hit the strip, we want to match you with the luxury vehicle to make you feel like a superstar.


With an incredible selection of the best supercars on earth, our friendly and experienced team will guide you through your entire experience from start to finish.

Treasure your ExperienceMake this experience more than just a memory with an Awards certificate and/or On-Board HD video.

Pick a supercar

Select a date and time frame

Submit payment

Show proof of insurance (arrive about 20 minutes before start of your rental)

Have fun!

Taxes & other additional costs There are no additional costs, taxes or fees.
Insurance For US citizens, show a proof of your insurance. Supplemental damage waiver available. Minor damages are billed to the payment credit card.
Driver license and Age Valid driver’s license from any state / country required. Must be 25+ of ages.
Payment Only card with a chip acceptable. No prepaid cards. Reservation needs to match name on the payment card.


« The experience was fantastic. As a huge car enthusiast, myself, this was the dream. I took out the McLaren 570S and Ferrari 488 and my wife took out the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan Performante. I knew I was going to have an amazing time going into it no question, but what I was so happy to see was my wife having a blast. Sharing my passion for cars with her and seeing her enjoy it is something I will never forget! It was the highlight of our Anniversary trip for me and I couldn’t recommend it more! »


« The whole experience was awesome! From the briefing intro to get you pumped up, to the numerous staff members that were ready to help and make sure you were well taken care of. The cars I drove were very well cared for and performed as expected. The instructors were awesome. Patient, knowledgeable and were as excited as I was when I got it right. They helped me with my many flaws and wanted to help me to improve. I am already planning another trip...I will be back! »


« Service was fantastic, they have that hint of seriousness to make sure everything is safe and then the rest is just making sure that you have fun. The drivers know exactly what you want, and they supply. It makes you feel like a kid again as well as a pro driver, next time I’m in Vegas I will be doing it again for sure! »


« No lo dudes. Si te gustan los autos deportivos no puedes dejar de darte un regalo y manejar uno en una pista profesional. Te recomiendo que reserves el manejo de al menos tres autos distintos en los cuales con cinco vueltas cada uno podrás llevarte un inolvidable recuerdo. Recomiendo contratar incluyendo transportación in/out al circuito. En mi caso manejé un Ferrari, un Lamborghini y un Corvette. Cuando vuelva a Las Vegas lo primero que haré será ir nuevamente. Excelente trato del personal. Todo es muy profesional.»